Never ignore a leak, trust us

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ may work in some scenarios, but not with plumbing. Even the smallest leak should not be ignored – unless you want to welcome even bigger issues in the near future. South Auckland Plumbing is your nearby master plumber, tooled up and ready to dive into any problems you have. Leaks, blocked toilet, overflowing hot water cylinder, house alteration work. Business or residential. It doesn’t matter to us!

Leaks can be common, but aren’t always easy to fix. Untrained DIY can exacerbate problems or leave them unsolved, as a small leak may be a side effect of a much bigger problem. An increase in your water bill may be the first indication that something’s wrong. One way to determine if you have an undetected leak is to check your water meter at a time when no water is being used. If the readings change over a two-hour period, chances are you have a leak. Other signs are; sounds of water running although no pipe is on, foul odours emanating from walls or floors, stains that grow bigger over time, water condensation on hard surfaces or discoloration on floors. Always willing to lend a helping hand, here are some of the things that you can expect from not fixing a leaky pipe.

Broken Pipes 

Allowing a leak in your home to continue without hiring a professional specialist can lead to broken pipes, causing even more damage and flooding. Pipes have been known to break down if they are exposed to oxygen and too much water, causing them to crack even more.


When a leaky pipe is not repaired, it will begin to grow mold. Mold growth within your home’s plumbing system may expand to the interior of your walls. If this turns into deadly black mold it can quickly become dangerous and cause significant health issues. It has the power to trigger respiratory reactions, infections and bacterial infections.

Long-Term Damage 

A small problem can quickly become a big problem if left unattended. Neglected maintenance and repair will become much more expensive further down the line. Leaving a leak to continue flooding your home will damage your plumbing system, plus the interior of your home’s walls and insulation.

Odds are, the likeliness of your plumbing system experiencing a leak over the years spent in your home is high. So remember to contact South Auckland Plumbing when you do for the best and speediest care.


As registered Master Plumbers our work is covered by the Master Plumbers Guarantee for 12 months, giving you peace of mind.